Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQ's)

What does LTD ED and Retired mean?
LTD ED: Limited Edition (only a certain number was produced)
RETIRED: Item is no longer being produced and only available on the secondary market.

How do I know if an item has any flaws?
We list any known flaws in the item description. We do not use the term 'Mint' as most of our collectibles are retired and some new items may have production flaws. An item we rate as 'excellent' is what other sellers would rate as mint condition.

I live in the UK how will my order ship and how much will it 
cost and how do I pay the extra ship fees?
Your order will ship Global Priority Mail. Cost depends on order total
and will be calculated when you check-out. 

How long will it take for me to get my order if I mail a check?
We will ship your order after your check clears (usually 7-10 business days).
Depending on shipping carrier, shipping time is 4-10 days. 
When paying by check please email us first to place the order and allow 3 weeks for delivery.

I am having trouble ordering with PayPal, what should I do?
Make sure you have any Pop Up Blockers turned off and your 
computer is set to accept cookies. These are the two most common fixes for any ordering problems with the PayPal Shopping Cart. If you continue to experience problems, please email us

I didn't get any emails confirming shipment of my order, why?
Many times email programs route these confirmation emails to your
"Spam or Bulk" folder.  Also, many emails are returned to us as undeliverable usually because of an error in the email address you provided. Please email us if you did not receive an order/shipping confirmation email.

What I want is marked "Out of Stock" will you get another one?
Out of stock means we try to carry these items regularly and hope to 
have more in stock soon. If you would like something marked 'out of stock' please email us and we will put you on our "wish list" for it and let you know when we have it available.

How do you calculate your shipping fees?
Shipping charges are based on order total and include all shipping, handling and insurance costs associated with processing and shipping your order. If the shipping charged is more than actual costs, we will refund the overage via PayPal. 

I tracked my order and the USPS website says it was delivered, but I don't have it. What should I do?
First, call your local Post Office. All insured orders, or orders over $200 must be signed for. Also ask any family members or neighbors if they received a package for you. Many times it has been delivered and someone in your household forgot to tell you.

How does your Wish List work?
If you are looking for an item we do not have available please email us, we will put you on our Wish List and notify you when we have found it. If you want to purchase the item, we will not put it on the website for sale but hold it for you until we arrange payment.  

Where do you get your items?
Most of our items come from private collectors who decide to sell their collections. We also shop antique stores and estate sales, and anywhere there may be a new GWTW treasure waiting!

Do you have a store somewhere?
Our store is worldwide on the internet, but no, we do not have a physical store.

If something is out of stock, how much will it cost when you get 
another one?

Sorry, but this is a question it is impossible to answer. Since we deal 
primarily  in vintage and one of a kind items, prices fluctuate depending 
on what we have  to pay for the item. 

Why do you use PayPal? Can I phone in an order?
The main reason is security. When you order via our PayPal shopping 
cart, we never see your sensitive information like your credit card number. Plus, you are 100% protected by PayPal against fraud. Sorry, but at this time we do not take phone orders.

I ordered something but you emailed me and said it was 
out of stock, why?

This occasionally happens if you have us in your favorites and do not
"reload" or "refresh" our page when you visit.  If you access an old page in your cache, an "add to cart" button may show up when it shouldn't because that item has been sold.

Why are things sold "as is"?
Since we deal mainly in vintage items, many of which are over 70 years old, they naturally may have minor imperfections due to age.  We can not guarantee these items are new or in like new condition so they are sold "as is".  We do try to describe items to the best of our ability but if you have any questions, please email us before ordering.

Are your collectibles from a smoke/pet free environment?
Due to the age of our collectibles (many from the 1940's) we can not guarantee they have always been kept in a smoke (or pet) free environment. However, since we have had them, they are stored in a smoke/pet free climate controlled store room.

Why is your company name on all of the pictures of products?
Due to people using our copyrighted images without permission, we have had to 'name'stamp' our images to prevent theft. Our name does not appear on any actual items, only on the pictures used on the website.

Do any famous people shop with you? Who is the most famous?
Oh yes! But we respect their privacy also and do not publicize their names or any other information just to "promote" our site.  
We can say that the people we have met both famous and not so famous, who love or were involved with GWTW are some of the nicest people in the world!  We are also proud some of our items are now housed in large GWTW collections & museums for all to enjoy. 
Again, we can't name names, but one of our rare collectibles is owned by a very famous actress & comedian (who we love!).

Do you have your own collection?
We are first and foremost collectors and lovers of the movie and not only do we have our own personal collections, but it is why we chose to specialize in vintage collectibles as those are the items we have a passion for. We love hunting for all the unique old and rare GWTW items that you can't find just anywhere!

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