The security of a company is necessary to ensure the protection of the real estate belonging to the company. But how to ensure this security? This article will give you some tips.

Identify the risks and prevent intruders

Define a security protocol for your business. If you can identify risks and hazards in your business, you can control them more effectively. Have an expert inspect the premises and identify vulnerabilities. For security issues, visit the KoDDoS Protection. This will allow you to create a protocol tailored to your business that will ensure the best coverage of the most vulnerable locations. 

Choose visible deterrents, such as outdoor sirens or doorbells. This reduces the likelihood of an intrusion. When a loud siren is activated, it alerts the facility and can deter intruders. Interior sirens can provide another line of detection if an intruder manages to gain entry to the premises.

Intruder detection

Early detection of intruders increases the chances of intercepting them and thus protecting your business. There are two important devices to consider: Door/window detectors Motion detectors These devices are used to report intrusion through entry and exit routes, as well as workplace intrusions by detecting movement within the premises. Motion detectors can be installed both indoors and outdoors. 

Outdoor motion detectors are particularly useful for early warning of intrusion. Depending on your system and the services you subscribe to, this can be a deafening beep on the premises, a text message alert to your cell phone or a call to a monitoring center for analysis and clarification before the police are called.

Expand your security

As your business grows, your enterprise security protocol will likely need more advanced features. You may need to add video surveillance for visual inspection and troubleshooting, or access control to better manage access and people flow. Leave your business security to the experts, whatever your current or future needs.