The expression of youth take by many ways. These ways are about every field, relative from a person to another. The field that we are going to recall now is the one of human beings sexual need, by finding natural ways to avoid pregnant when they are not ready.

 Some natural contraception ways.

The fact of trying to avoid pregnant by natural ways is usually called contraception or birth control.

Natural ways of birth control that people behaviour to apply are known by many women, some of them are si popular.

We can enumerate starting by calendar rhytm method, basal body temperature or symptothermal method, mucus inspection method, lactational infertility and douching and urination.

Others women prefer apply others natural ways such as  ovulation indicator testing kits and withdrawal method in spite of being sure.

The most practical natural ways of birth control.

Generally, natural birth control is a method of preventing pregnancy without the use of medication or physical devices.

Most of the time, natural family planning refers to a variety of methods, used to prevent or plan pregnancy, depending on their own project.

Usually, youth people who don't marry try to choose between these natural contraception ways when their feel that they are not yet ready to be pregnant.

The most sure birth control ways that can't damage a woman sexual health are the natural contraception ways.

These methods aim in spite of identifiying a woman's fertile day, in order to avoid sexual acts two days before the fertile day, the fertile day and the day after the fertile day.

Being a contraception way, natural birth control is a method of preventing pregnancy without the use of medication. After all this, we can say that there are variety of methods used to prevent or plan simply and naturaly pregnancy, basing on identifiying the woman's fertile day, if men and women feel that they are not ready to take care of babies