In every part of the world, language is the first thing that allows people to communicate and discuss of everything. The variety of language all over the world bring dirigents to think about the possiblity to get international languages, and it had been executed.

 Reasons of learning and speaking English.

More and more people learnt and are learning business English for the reason that it is a cormercial language.

True, the United States is today a net exporter of English, and nearly all countries whose most common first language is something else are net importers.

Some Americans hope that 30 years from now, English will be the universal language for everybody.

English language acquired a firm foothold and remains the dominant or official language on many territories.

 English language spreading.

The first and most obvious reason that English become widespread in the first place is because of people who took English all over the world.

Soldiers, sailors, traders, and missionaries are those people who took English around and all over the world.

Then English is the international language of business, commerce, science, medicine and many others keys areas, even in diplomacy.

So English become elitist language of sorts, spoken by those who were educated in literature, philosophy and poetry, much like french was back when was the most widely language spoken.

English language is also an easy language in front of french, spanish, and others languages, mainly and mostly when it is about conjuction and vocabulary.

English language is learnt and also considered as the first international language of the world for the reason that it is the language of commerce, business, science, medicine, diplomacy and many others keys areas. Then English remains the dominant or official language on many territoires.