In spite of globalization of the world, scientists have concept modern and contemporain way to make everyone of every part of the world, live in family. This means that people can communicate simply and surely and know what is happening all over the world.Technologies products and its derives.

Digital technologies may be seen as a gateway to solve many of the world's problems arising  from diseases and others fields.

Everybody can remark that news industry transformation, digital technology, social platforms, and others keys things.

Before that, technology favorise the conception of smartphones, computers and many others things that can improve the old poeple habits

For example, in Bangladesh, with around 130 milion mobile phone suscribing the digital technologies are spreading rapidly.

All this ilustrate that many people use contemporain technology produits around and all over the world.

 Widespreading of technology

Technological  progress is a key driver of real and great improvements in incomes and standards of living.

For that, technological globalization is speeded in large part by technological diffusion, the spread of technology across borders.

Then technology is the vital force in the modern form of business globalization, and it has also revolutionized the global economy and has become critical competitive.

The rapid spread of technology fueled by the internet has led to positive changes in developping countries.

Being contemporain thing, technology has infiltred every aspect of our lives, changing our learn and work conditions.


Spreading all over the world, technology takes now one click and maybe one tweet for the reason that all of its products are useful for the humanity. Then technological progress represent a key driver of world problems improvement.