The kimono is a garment made of fluid material. It is a very fashionable and comfortable garment. It can easily be matched with basic outfits such as a skirt, dress or swimsuit. In addition, it is a minimalist garment because it goes with all types of silhouettes. However, you need to know how to match your clothes so that you have an attractive style. Here are some tips to help you wear your kimono beautifully.

Wearing a kimono over jeans

The kimono is a trendy and very sophisticated garment. Whether it's over slim, shorts, boyfriend or any basic denim piece, the kimono adds a modern touch. If you want a simple yet elegant look, you can wear your kimono over a boyfriend and flat sandals. For a more casual look, you can choose shorts instead. If you wish, click for source.

Wear a kimono over sneakers

Usually, we have a pair of sneakers in our closet. To go with your kimono, you can put on Converse, Stan Smith or even Super Star. You can also choose to wear a pair with a more sporty look, like New Balance or Gazelles. This will give you a totally controlled streetwear look.

Wear a maxi kimono

The maxi kimono is a kimono in a long version. It is a very bold choice, but to avoid when you are short. It could give the impression that you are packed or buried in this large garment. However, the maxi kimono is surely a garment that will make you look elegant and perfect. On this outfit, you are advised to wear pumps. You will look elegant and modern. Moreover, it is a daring look that will not fail to make sensation.