Home alarms are a safer way to deter burglars and protect not only your family, but your property as well. There are quite a few burglary attempts every year and therefore installing an efficient alarm system is a priority for many households living in areas with high burglary rates. If you want an alarm for your home, please read this article to get an idea of the prices so you can make the right choice for your home.

Price of a wired house alarm

The wired home alarm has many advantages even in its most basic form : a control panel and suspicious activity sensors scattered around the house. For more information, try this website. It cannot be hacked from the outside and there is no risk of interference, as all sensors are wired. In addition, there is almost no maintenance and the alarm will go off if anyone tries to cut the wires. For an installation worthy of the name, you need an amount between € 450 and € 2,500. However, once the alarm is installed it cannot be easily moved.

Price of a wireless house alarm

This type of home alarm works on the same principle as the wire, but the contact between the different components is made by radio link. The advantage here is the ease of installation of the system, especially for a house already built. On the downside, we note the weakness of this system in the face of piracy, the need to change the batteries regularly as well as the limit in terms of broadcasting of waves for large houses or having very thick walls and floors. To get a wireless house alarm, you need € 600 to € 3,500 depending on the model and options.

Price of an alarm with IP camera

The IP camera is a security system that allows you to view directly on your computer or smartphone what is happening at home, thanks to your internet connection. Easier to install and use than a traditional surveillance camera, it has been very successful in recent years. You have to pay an amount between 100 € and 1000 € to get it. It should also be noted that this private remote monitoring system is inexpensive, but has been widely criticized, because many hacking abuses have been observed.

Price of an alarm on a home automation system

As for alarms on domotic central units, a tariff of between € 700 and € 4,000 is required. It is a type of alarm integrated into a remote home management system. In addition to home automation functions for comfort and ergonomics, most systems integrate different types of alarms (anti-intrusion, anti-fire, etc.) as well as sensors to protect your home.

Price of a GSM house alarm

These house alarms communicate through the GSM network and not PSTN (classic fixed line). In case of violation you will be warned on your mobile, in this way, if the landline is cut (by a breakdown or by the burglar) the alarm still works. These models have a SIM card which may result in additional costs depending on the case. This system is quite reliable, difficult to hack and independent of the Internet network. It is also widely used for outbuildings (garage, caravan, boat, etc.). Regarding its price, it takes € 500 up to € 3,500.