Still called katana in Japan, the lightsaber is a sword whose particularity comes down to its curved single-edged blade, its circular or square hilt and its long handle which can accommodate two hands.  Appearing later than the tachi, it has enjoyed great interest for years until today due to its practicality and functionality.  So, to find out who the reasons for the saber is very popular with everyone, read this article to the end.

Impressive design

The broadsword or katana is a sword that stands out from all other swords due to its cross-sectional dimensional shape of an elongated hexagonal pentagonal blade called a shinogi-zukuri. Very popular in the market, it is a style where the blade and the tang are integrated, which are both fixed to the handle by means of a soft curve and a pin called mekugi.  Viewing the Lightsaber from the side, you will see a ridge line of the thickest part of the blade between the back side and the cutting side. 
It is just this line that makes the saber a material with a light and hard blade, with a good cutting capacity.  The classic version has a Hamon and a wavy visual effect present all along the blade.  Which effect results from the combination of the stiff steel that runs along the edge of the sword and the more elastic "column" of the blunt edge.  This gives the pieces a razor-sharp character, without the risk of being subtly chipped.

It's a two-handed sword

This is one of the reasons why the sword is coveted in the market.  The katana model in particular is intended to be held with two hands.  It is characterized by a blade having a very sharp single edge; which brings him closer to the samurai of Japan.  Appearing on the market around the 15th century, it has gained great popularity in almost all corners of the world, to the point that it is commonly used in video games, films and literature. 
This two-handed feature also creates confusion between the katana sword and other types of Japanese swords, in this case the chisakatana, which is essentially a shortened version of the katana sword.  The same goes for the chokuto, which looks like a straight katana called the dotanuki.  Most of them have an aluminum knob, a polycarbonate tube and a colored bulb inside.  Average weight: 300 grams.  Price: between 50 and 400 euros.

Sand is a destructive weapon

According to studies by Western historians, the saber is among the finest edged weapons in world military history.  This sword was first adopted as a samurai blade in the late 13th century.  It is intended as a means of defense that any individual can keep at home to defend themselves in the event of a situation of vandalism or inevitable violence. 
The wielder should ideally be able to draw the katana and deliver a deadly strike in one quick, fluid motion.  In addition, the saber has the ability to be drawn and cut in a short time.  This constitutes a major innovation.  It is enough to bring the blade upwards during a confrontation that heaps of wounds are left on the opponent's glass body.  Moreover, this idea gave birth to an entire fighting style that is iaido.  This style prioritizes the controlled use of the single cut blade and has progressed to a remarkable level of complexity.  Even today, this art form is practiced through complicated kata, but often in solitude.